Friday, December 20, 2013

Small Words

You know what I love? Small words. Lots of them! I love writing them and saying them, and using them to make people laugh. They're so magical really.

You know what I hate? Big words. Mostly because I can't spell them very well, but people think that since I have an English minor, I must be good at words. Well, yes, I kind of am. I like using them sometimes, but not spelling them necessarily.

I also have this thing about big words. If they're too big, I don't like them. You know why? Because they exclude people that don't know them, and I like people to feel a part of the conversation! Sure, I know big words, but you may not hear me use them very often, and it's for a reason. Talk so people understand, and don't make their lives harder. That's my under the radar motto. They already have to google directions, restaurants, and their next haircut style, so don't make them google a word they don't know, right? Doesn't fancy language tend to make in people feel in, and out people feel out? I think so, so let's blur the lines and bit and include everyone, right?

You should know that I'm going to write a book and finish it in 2014. It's my one and only personal goal, so you know it's good. The purpose of the book is to make people feel hopeful and loved and understood. I want them to walk away thinking they are someone special for a million reasons, and that just from reading the pages, we could be friends for life. So here's to small words with really big meanings. I love small words, and I'm getting ready to write lots of them.

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