Thursday, December 19, 2013


Ya know, lately, God has been telling me some pretty cool things...when I am paying attention. It's like I should pay attention more often or something. :)

Like today, when I was driving home from a longer commute, he reminded me, "Hey Michelle, I know you think you're busy, and you are, but you're doing all the wrong things. Yes, you're doing really important things, and you'll finish those too, but you are forgetting to love people. Love is the best thing you can spend your life doing. Don't forget that, ok? Just love other people. You may not make awesome things or be the greatest leader that ever lived, or make everyone happy. Those are all good things, but do you know what I think is the greatest? Loving other people, and you're really good at that."

And then later tonight, I was reading Truett two books before book called Opposites and of course, Are You My Mother, which I have no idea why he loves so much. :) We finished them and he asked to read the Bible. Of course, I wasn't going to say no to that so I flipped through until I found the story about Christmas, and the wise men traveling to meet Jesus. I love this Bible he has by the way, and I think every kid should have one (Jesus Storybook Bible)! It puts stories so simply and beautifully in a way I've never read before. I actually enjoy reading it as an adult just as much or not more than Truett! The last lines of the page, just as the wise men gave the toddler Jesus their gifts said something to the effect of, "...he didn't come to be rich. He was poor. He didn't come to be a powerful boss. He was a servant." And guess what? Tonight, Truett's little kid bible made me cry, because for those 30 seconds as I reread those last words, I felt Jesus hug me long and tight, just like a little kid. I literally was a little kid for 30 seconds in my mind. He said in such plain words to me, "Michelle, be more like that. Be poor, be a servant, and be ok with loving other people like a kid loves. Depend on me and see how life goes." He came to show me how to live, and I'm a fool not to take note of how he did it. He's reaching out, and I'm listening.

God is so real, and he really does talk when we ask questions. He really does care about your day! IF you STOP and ask him questions, he promises to be with you and answer you. Stopping your life to talk is YOUR responsibility, and answering is his. He is faithful. I have never not received an answer to a question that I have asked the Lord. Never, not even once! It might not be the answer I was wanting, or he may have been silent, but his answer was to wait, and that was still abundantly clear.

Lord God, all I need in life is to be known for loving you and loving others. That's really all I need. Help me be more of that. I suck at knowing how to do it, but I'm going to do my best to listen and follow your lead. Can you help me?

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! 
Isaiah 36:3

Today was crazy, but it sure ended well.

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