Friday, December 20, 2013

My 2 Boys

I sure love my husband and that sweet son of mine. Those boys make life grand. They aren't perfect, but neither am I, thankfully. How exhausting that would be, to be perfect I mean. :)

  • I love that Truett accidentally squashes peas on the floor when he's done eating, and hops out of his chair without asking to find his favorite dog, Jingle.
  • I love that Jonathan clicks his teeth together at night and that's how I know he's falling into a deep sleep.
  • I love that our house is so small. Who knew I'd fall in love with 900 square feet so much? I get to be closer to my favorite people!
  • I love that I'm a wife and a mom. I just love loving those boys.
  • I love the laughs and smiles of those men. They are both genuinely happy to see me, and it means the world.
  • I love that they're both into push-ups. At any given time, those boys are working on their fitness!
  • I love that they look like each other. Clones, actually, in almost every way.
  • I love that they know how to laugh. Like hard.
  • I love how they eat applesauce and cheerios together, even though it's completely nasty.
  • Boys are so different than girls, but they are so much fun!

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