Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A beautiful rock garden

Have you ever tried to lift a huge rock on your own, only to realize that you couldn't do it? It was just too heavy for you, and even though you believed with all of your heart that it was as light as air, and even though you were Arnold Schwarzenegger in your mind, it did not make the rock any lighter. So how does the rock the big move? Perhaps you call a friend, or have the gardener come and help you lift the rock to a different place in the yard. You can't continue work until the rock is gone. It's in the center of the yard, demanding your attention, and you just can't mow around it very close. You have to move it.

We all have rocks like this in our lives. What is your rock? Are you struggling with an anger problem, a disagreement with a friend, materialism, a broken relationship, or an addiction? Some issues can't be fixed on your own just like some rocks can't be moved. We need help from friends, support from those closest to us, and we need the Lord to help us move these rocks in our lives. Let him help you. Don't try to lift the burden alone. The Lord sees and understands these rocks, and yes, he could make them lighter if he wanted to. But, don't you think just for a moment, that perhaps these rocks are there to teach us? Let us be patient, let's trust in the Lord to help us move them, and then let's be willing to help others move their rocks. Each person's rock is different in size and shape. After we move ours out of the yard, only then can we see the beautiful grass that the Lord, our gardner, was trying to grow all along. Besides, a beautiful rock garden is always such a great addition to any yard.

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