Friday, May 2, 2008

I wouldn't be Michelle if I wasn't thankful for...

Daisies along the path of the Crags.
A night in the basement of a house, waiting for the tornado to pass by.
A patient sister, all 18 years at home...
Completely finished words.
Monster cookies after school.
Willow trees and one awesome tree house.
Kristin Moody.
Camping, shish-kabobs and the night Lake Afton blew us away.
Family reunions, grandma's deviled eggs, and the annual bubble blowing contest.
"There's a hole in the bottom of the sea" song.
Coloring with Lucile.
New socks and sliding on the wood floor in them.
A 6am Colorado sunrise.
A newly lacquered floor and an expensive fall.
Piano lessons in the 3rd grade.
Fair teachers.
Karlee's sense of humor.
Mr. Burger Vanilla Dr. Pepper
One summer of Chaos and Leaving 99.
The best year of my life, spent in Chapman 310.
My roommate Kim, who taught me that eating goldfish and sleeping go hand-in-hand.
Mono. I spent lots of time with mom.
Camp Golden Bell, 1999.
A summer with Spaniards learning to say buenos dias. ?Cual es el tiempo?
A bad haircut at grandma's that took years to regrow (age 7)
"My beeeed." (-Michelle, age 2)


Sammy Planes said...

shame shame

sybil said...

i thought this was so cute.. your blog is so much fun to read. i am glad i stumbled across it.

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