Friday, May 23, 2008

The Rock on The Hill of Perduncket continued... one day, he was sitting, as he normally did, 24 hours of every single day, basking in the sun's gentle glow, when a squirrel approached, inquiring about resting upon the friendly rock's head. "Excuse me dear rock, but I am in need of a warm place to lay. I've fallen into the stream chasing a nut and now I'm soaked and shivering from the wind. Would you mind if I sat here until I warmed in the sunshine?"
The rock became even warmer at the thought of helping another, but could not speak, for we all know that rocks do not have lips.
"I will not forget your kindness warm rock." said the squirrel. "Thank you very much." And the squirrel curled up on the warm stone.
Just in the distance, there came traveling people. "Can you hurry up Mathis, I've got to be at tea by two!"
"I'm walking as fast as I can father! Please!" said the young Mathis.
"Well, lets not take all day, there is tea to drink and things to talk about." said Father.
"Yes Father." said Mathis, and his pace quickened slightly, even though he was already out of breath from the two muffins he had stuffed his face with just before leaving. Mathis was often a food hog, and had been caught countless times by his father, smuggling cookies and pastries in his trousers, and when caught, his father only demanded that he share them and not tell his mother. This did not help Mathis' mother understand his tremendous weight gain over the past 6 months, especially since he had seemed to be walking a lot more with Father.
"Father, I need a rest. Please, I'm so tired." said Mathis.
"We're almost there son. Only 1 more mile." he replied.
"Please, if I could just dip my feet in the stream and rest for 5 minutes, the journey would be better." begged Mathis.
"Alright. But hurry up son." said his Father regretfully. Father knew he had to stop, or else endure the whining for another 30 minutes. This way, perhaps he could talk Mathis into walking at a much quicker pace or threaten to not stop at all on the journey home. He was a witty man.
As they approached the stream, Father saw something that caught his eye. There was a squirrel. Not just any squirrel, a squirrel that was soaking wet and warming in the sunshine upon a very shiny black rock.
How peculiar, though Father. Rocks are outlawed, but this one must not have heard the news. I will smash it and be rid of it.
As Father approached the rock the squirrel awoke and sat up. "Dear traveler, do not touch this rock, for it is happy, healthy, and black."

"Excuse me? Am I mistaken or are you a talking squirrel?" asked Father.
"Yes, and a very cold one. If you know what's best for you and the other human, you had better scurry off before this rock casts a spell on you. It has already turned me from a human to a squirrel. Now off you go!" retorted the squirrel with very believable athority.
Father was so taken by the squirrel's seemingly true remarks that he backed up immediately, shouting for his son to catch up to him in the woods, and ran off screaming as a crazy person.
"Works every time rockcharm." said the squirrel. "I guess most squirrels don't talk. Well, it's always come in handy. The others should learn!"
The rock was quite fond of the squirrel. He wanted to ask him to stay but could not, after all, rocks do not have lips. So, to show his appreciation, the happy rock turned from a night shade of black to a blood red and then back to black. He was glad for the new friend. He was much more lively than dirt...

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