Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Rock on the Hill of Perduncket

At the end of a curvy path, not far up the hill, a mile west of Growtall Mountain, and just past a group of  triplet pine trees, there lived a rock--a happy rock--in a small village named Perduncket.

A law was passed in Perduncket by Mayor Loveless that all rocks were outlawed from the village. "They're ruining our perfect green grass! And just look how they are messing up our dirt paths. If rocks are found, may we smash them to bits and throw them into Floataway River!" said the Mayor.

Of course, after this town meeting, all rocks in Perduncket were frightened and moved quickly to nearby streams, riding friendly log ferries to the close neighboring villages of Frozee and Mishnoodle were they were welcomed by amiable boulders. 

The happy rock, however, was the only hard head that would not leave Perduncket. He had other plans in mind...


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