Thursday, May 1, 2008

RIght now please.

Right now I want to talk about how fluffy the couch is and how it reminds me of a huge marshmallow covered in expensive graham cracker sprinkles. I want to jump on the bed and see how many times i can touch the ceiling with my head before laying down in total exhaustion. I sooooo want to dust the top of the refrigerator just for fun...and strangely, love it. I can't wait to pick the rocks out of the bottom of my tennis shoes with a toothpick and I cannot stand it how much I want to climb a hill and get my feet so dirty that when I take a shower, I leave dirt rings in the bottom of the tub. I want to do my homework, but opening a book is worse than Chinese water torture. I need a good trip to the zoo and some Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I need a hug from my brother and I need to hear the muffin joke from Roxanne. I want to drive 200 mph--on a motorcyle. As long as it's black, I think I could pull of the hardcore look. I want to type this whole post in the phonetic alphebet but I can't type a schwa unfortunately. Now that...that would be fun.

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