Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh my Job Hunt

Well, there are some things that cannot be skipped on telling, like my job interview yesterday. :) It makes me laugh just THINKING about it. So, let me start at the beginning. I applied at this place called Visual Inventor, cool place really. They have an amazing portfolio for a design firm and they are based in Oklahoma City and doing awesome (without me) work. Anyway, I was so excited for this interview yesterday morning that I couldn't sleep at all on Wednesday night, just waiting for the moment when I could wake up, put on a cuter-than-normal "designerish" outfit and head out the door early. Well, first things first. I used mapquest and that was a no-no. Lost and...lost. I called to ask for some simple directions from where I was which I'm sure was not a huge deal, but notheless, I really just wasn't crazy about making THAT impression first. Oh well right? Well I find this building, well kind of. I parked at a building that I thought was the right one, only to figure out that it surely was not and I had to walk 2 blocks south to the right one. I didn't bother moving my car. I just figured, eh, 1. it would be more time wasted and 2. I didn't want to be late 3. i probably needed the exercise.

Well I walk in, and the man I had talked to on the phone looked EXACTLY like I had pictured him! This rarely happens to me and I was thrilled, of course thinking, oh "it's a sign!" hmmm. Well, I was told to have a seat and he'd be right back. I looked around at the art decor and was highly impressed. This place was legit. The stained cement floor added so much pizazz and the furniture was all artsy-vintage-sleek looking, if that's possible. It was nice. Their name was on a glass cutout hanging who-knows-how on the left wall and it looked amazing, just like a movie. Will this guys comes in, Tim, the owner of the company, and he seems nice enough. He starts asking me these interview type questions, and then I look down at his sheet and realize that he has a stapled PACKET of questions three pages long in what had to be 8pt. font. I mean, we're talking 50+ questions friends, and they were not easy questions. After sitting there for 20 minutes answering "what's your greatest strength?" and "what's your ideal job?" and random scenarios that apparently have a right and wrong answer according to his nods, the questions started getting interesting. "What is 85x3?" and "How many weeks are in a year?" and "What type of phone do you have?" I mean come on. There is a point at which you should stop asking questions and start listening to answers so that you don't have to ask common sense questions because after 45 interrogating stunner questions, shouldn't you be able to tell if you're talking to an idiot? Well, the last five questions were about web smarts. He said they wouldn't be that hard, everyone basically knew most of this stuff. Questions #1: "What if the SDFGLHS modem of the JFIEHDF drive connected to the KLJASFJKLHSF drive which is powered by the OIJDAFJ on the OIHASDFOSAD site. Okay Michelle, what did I just say in web language?" 

Wow. I have no freaking idea Timmy. lol. Never learned those words before. What dictionary are you reading? Then he asked me some more, probably for most web geniuses, common sense questions, but for me "the normal one," (well I thought I was normal until this interview) very hard, and I looked stupid, and I felt stupid, and well, I probably was a little bit stupid...and he continued to waste his time, and then wasted mine by asking the remaining 4 questions and then he said he'd be in touch and I thought to myself, Sir, you don't even want me to do this job. I have a feeling that I would annoy you everyday of the entire year asking you what HJASDFLDASF modems and ASDFJKLHADSFKLH things were connected to. Legit place. Bad match. the job interviews. Never a dull moment right?

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