Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Resolutions!

Guess what I will NOT be eating this year? Tofu donuts like these! Yuck! So any of you with food goals, think carefully before committing or you might be stuck with these. (I'm kidding. More power to you if that's what you're planning!) Okay okay, I won't slam them until I try them.
First of all, lets get last year's resolution out of the way. In 2009, made a decision to cut back on sugary drinks. I did pretty good with that and had a Coke, Dr. pepper, and Cream Soda I'd say 10 times all year? So I'll give myself a B. However, this year I'm trying to do a bit more. If you never try, you can never achieve right?!

1. Read the whole Bible, front to back
2. Work diligently on magazine article publication
3. Read 12 new books (always open to suggestions)
4. Focus on praying for others' individual needs
5. Call mom and dad once a week. (Believe or not, this is hard to fit in sometimes.)
6. Write a letter on stationery once a month and mail it!
7. Cook healthier this year! Hooray for learning how!
8. Talk to strangers more openly (for instance, in line at Starbucks)
9. Practice the Violin more often
10. Be better at randomly paying for stranger's drinks in the drive- thru

Ten seems like a lot, but if I put my mind to it, I really will be a better person! So there's not talking me out of it now.


Janette said...

I love your resolutions! I'm still working on mine and will post them probably sometime tomorrow or Sunday.

A few of mine resemble yours and I also may steal some. They're just too good!

How about we go eat donuts one morning at Clark's? no tofu... instead good coffee, fresh hot donuts, and girl talk. :)

love you!

Michelle said...

I love the way you think Janette! I'm thrilled to read your resolutions--so hurry and post them! I miss you and I'll see you Friday!

{lovely little things} said...

great resolutions!

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