Thursday, March 7, 2013

Memorizing Scripture

I've never had a conventional thought life, where I can think at the drop of a hat like some people can. I feel that I'm full of great ideas though when I'm truly relaxed and in my element. You know how it goes, right? Am I the only one that has great ideas in the shower or on a long walk?

So, I was sitting at the bank drive-thru the other day, patiently waiting for my turn, listening and humming along to David Dunn, and I had this crazy thought: why don't I memorize the whole Bible? Like I said, a little crazy audacious!

I'm not planning on memorizing the whole Bible, but I did consider at least starting with larger chunks. There is so much value in knowing God's Word. I've learned that it can't help me if I don't know it, and I know it by reading it and memorizing it, what else?! There are so many times that I quote a verse to myself but I can't remember where it's found. I'm forever bad about knowing verse locations, although I can quote you the actual words (which are more important anyway) all day long.

Well, I'm crazy enough to think that I could and should memorize entire chapters and books of the Bible. Why not? Maybe I'll start with Philippians. You can't go wrong with an encouraging letter from Paul!


Tarah Warren said...

Thats crazy! I was going to write you should start with the book of Philippians. my dad made it his goal to memorize that book last year. Paul's words I am sure would resonate with you.. I think and pray for you often! Much Love

Michelle said...

Thanks Tarah!! I love you to death and think the world of you!

Judi Campbell said...

Oh Michelle, that is so true. I have huge chunks memorized. Just because I love the Word and every thought created and flowing from the Word. But the numbers always drop me flat. All I could ever say was "trust me, it's in here somewhere." When we found it, it was indeed word perfect. Since I've been working with people in online missions you can't do that. For one thing, mobile devices in many parts of the world have character limitations. It's like tweeting the Bible, along with commentary. Now that I have to use those numbers as short hand I have to go back and memorize those locations. I see now it's like forgetting where you put your car keys, all the time. Only these are they LIFE KEYS. And as dependable as God Himself, they are always right where He put them. After all He is the Word. John 1:1

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