Sunday, June 9, 2013

Being Perfect

It's hard being perfect. I am though, don't every way.

Bahaha, hopefully you don't think I'm serious, because if I ever told a joke, that would be it. We all have flaws! If you're reading this today and you think you're perfect, this post isn't for you. If you're reading this and know you've got some issues, well then hopefully I can bring some hope today. Maybe God can use me in one little way on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Right now I want you to think of something you've purchased in the past that you loved loved loved, and probably paid a little too much for, but because you were so in love with it, you were never regretful for the tiniest millisecond. Have something in mind? What is it? For me, this may seem silly but I bought a nice raincoat for a trip. For whatever reason, raincoats are hard to find, and I looked and looked, but never had much luck. I'd find a few for a reasonable price, but they were never quite what I was looking for, so I would pass. When I found the perfect one, I thought it was about $40 overpriced, but still bought it. Am I sorry? No way! I needed a raincoat for the 7 days of stormy weather we were about to experience, and it was perfect! So perfect, in fact, that I went home to wear it around the cool, dry house all afternoon, just because. Come on, you know you've made purchases that you've loved that much before too! This jacket did, and still does the job on rainy days, it's super-cute, and fits perfect. It's worth every penny ever me. Now, if you asked my neighbor, Mr. Biggs, if he would have spent the same amount on the raincoat that I bought, I can assure you that the answer would be no. But the value isn't the same to him, because it doesn't fit him, he doesn't need or even want it, and he certainly wouldn't pay full price. See, it's not about how much was spent on the jacket, but about the value that it has specifically to ME. This is sometimes how God sees us in so many ways. He made you unique, he thinks you're super-cute, that you fit perfectly in his plan, and that you're worth a high price! You're not like your best friend Lisa, because you're not made to do what Lisa does. You are unique to the purpose God put inside of YOU, and there is no amount of money that changes your value to him. You might have a little stain or rip here and there, but he's keeping you forever, because there is nothing he wants more than exactly what you are. God has big plans for your life, and you're beyond valuable to him. 1 Corinthians 7:23 says, "God paid a high price for you, so don't be enslaved by the world."

In other words, don't waste time being consumed by what others think, how you can fit in, why you don't have this or that gift, or how come your life doesn't seem as good as so-and-so. Don't knock yourself down for your failures in the past...because, let's face it, aren't they in the past? Let it go. I sometimes forget how valuable I am to God, but he bring me right back to it often. I'm special to him, and of indescribable worth. He thinks I'm beautiful, and I'm perfectly lovable just as I am in his eyes. I'm not perfect, and although I'm striving to be more and more like Christ every day, I don't kill myself for my mistakes. I apologize, learn from them, and get up and try again. In the process, I'm becoming a stronger person, a better wife, a good mom, and a better friend. Maybe it's time for a few of you out there to start seeing yourself as God sees you, huh? Maybe today is your day to start figuring out what makes you tick, and what God put inside of you, and go do that! I can guarantee that you'll never be happier than you will be when you're right in the middle of God's will. Yep, guaranteed.

As a side note, if you don't know where to start discovering what God has planned for your life, this is a great free, online tool to help!

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