Monday, December 28, 2009

The bests of 2009

After reading many fantastic blogs this week (people must get inspiration after some time off at Christmas!), I was inspired by LT a.k.a. The marriage of an undometic to make a list of my 2009 bests. BEST idea all week! So here goes a whole lot of somethins--numbered, but in no particular order.

Best reading of 2009
1. Real Simple magazine
2. Twilight Saga, again
3. My favorite blogs (they make my day everyday)
4. The Time Traveler's Wife
5. The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers (read it now!)
6. My journal entries from the 5th grade. My how life changes.
7. My prayer and answer journal box from 2008. God is good.
8. The Biggest Loser cookbook for families! It's amazingly good food.

Best Eats of 2009
1. Mushroom Ravioli from Olive Garden
2. Chocolate Pecan Biscotti--made in my mother's kitchen
3. Biggest Loser's Spinach cheese dip with crackers! Yum! And even better? It's got 21 calories per serving!
4. Mr. Burger Vanilla Dr. Pepper (only order this if you're ready to die and meet your maker)

Best places of 2009
1. Cuppies and Joe
2. Our new home
3. Full Circle Bookstore
4. Target
5. Anthropologie
6. Urban Outfitters
7. The Rink
8. Alaska

Obsessions of 2009
1. Tea (I got a lovely new teapot for christmas if you'd like to come over and taste test a few!)
2. Colors!!!!
4. hair dye
5. texting friends
6. writing letters on beautiful stationery
7. crafting fabulous things
8. reading the Chicago Manual of Style and marking favorite pages
9. Robert Pattinson
10. The public library

Best Memories of 2009
1. Attending the New Moon opening night party and then the movie with best of friends.
2. Buying our house!
3. Singing Christmas Carols in the car with Jonathan as we drove through historic downtown OKC looking at Christmas lights!
4. Quitting my job at the Accounting firm
5. Finding out Roxanne was pregnant!
6. Our dog Mini's 1st birthday party with dog friends!
7. Passing the English certification test
8. running 6 miles all at once (hoping to run the 1/2 marathon in April)
9. Reading blogs. I told you this was one of my favorite things and I'm not kidding!
10. Learning to cook from scratch in my beautiful kitchen (favorite was a lemon meringue pie and homemade cinnamon rolls)
11. eating Swiss chocolate which was only 4 days old, from the Lindt factory in Switzerland, thanks to Andrew and his travels!
12. Feeling extremely loved when our friends stepped in and replaced a TON of our stuff in February when our house was robbed. Thank you again!
13. Our Alaskan Cruise. It's like sailing through postcards.

Favorite people of 2009
1. Andrew, for being an inspiration in the world of travel. I'm always amazed at his gumption tojust do it. This boy basically backpacked Europe. Much of the time, alone.
2. Jim Wilcox, for inspiring me to become a better me.
3. Laurie Tomlinson, for always having an encouraging word and a funny story.
4. Ellen, for bringing some laughter into the world.
5. Jonathan, for supporting me through all of my crazy ideas.
6. Christi Busic, for being wonderful.
7. Taylor Swift, for being a truly remarkable person as well as a great artist. Plus, her tweets always make me smile.
8. Hugh Grant. He might alway make the list. So what.

Baseball game






Kelly said...

I loved this blog Michelle- maybe you inspired me too! ;) we'll see!

LB said...

You are beautiful, smart, have great style, love your husband a whole lot, and have a real talent for conveying meaning in the written word. You bless me!

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