Tuesday, December 1, 2009


You are a girl that is captivating. Intriguing. And most importantly, significant, important, and extremely valuable. You matter. You should be cared for. You are loved, and you need attention. You are just as equal as men. You live for compliments of your beauty and loveliness. You need to hear that you are wonderful. That you are needed. That love in real life is not just a significant figment of your imagination. That someone in this vast world cares about you enough to make sure you are okay. That you are fed, cared for, and most importantly loved. You must be captivated. Unless this happens, you are forced to live in a lost world, a fake world of people demanding your attention, time, and always taking from you. The cruel world that never gives to you, but instead of teaching you, forces you to be someone that you most certainly are not. You need recognition for what you do, but more importantly, who you are. You are not a number, not a person on the street to be taken in, not someone who needs to be held by the hand. You are an independent woman who still needs to feel human love. You need space, you need romance, and you need confidence, because no matter what, you are still your own person. You are a woman.

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