Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's been a full day.

9:30am- wake and eat a bowl of lucky charms with Andrew
9:35am-joke with Andrew about how hard it must be to work for the Guymon newspaper
10:45am-Morning church service begins
11:55am-Contemplating my New Year's resolution for 2010 which may include reading the Bible through in a year
12:30am-sitting down to lunch with my mom, dad, brother, husband, sister, and brother-in-law to amazing rack of baby back ribs.
1:30pm-ate cake with pink sprinkles
2:00pm-making homemade chocolate pecan biscotti with mom for our latte game night
3:00pm-buying materials for my latest homemade projects...soon to be released for sale on Etsy as soon as I stockpile a few more amazing ones. (what could it be!?)
4:00pm-make homemade noodles for our turkey and noodle soup.
6:00pm-HGTV tevo
6:30pm-dinner with the family!
7:00pm-prayer time and devotions at the dinner table
8:30pm-Rook game of the year with all 7 of us=hours of hilarious laughter. Latte game night plans pushed to tomorrow. All the better.
8:41pm-"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" theme song was sung. Rox wins Rook.
11:40pm-Andrew plays some awesome tunes on the guitar.
11:41pm-I think about my wonderful friends and how thankful I am for all of them
11:42pm-The night is young...

At the end of wonderful days like this, I sleep so well. I feel: loved, appreciated, happy, joyful, needed, fed, and content. I am reminded of all the wonderful things in my life and I certainly feel filled up to the brim. My cup is overflowing with all emotions that I know are my significantly strong qualities. Wow, it was a great day to be alive. I'm glad I lived it to the fullest.


sara said...

So I just wanted to really encourage the reading the Bible all the way through! YOU CAN DO IT! I promise I am not braggin but I just did it in three months with a friend... Sooo find someone to do it with you and I would say maybe even try to do it faster then a year... just a challenge :) because I KNOW you can do it!!!! Its seriously incredible! miss you! hope to see you soon!

Michelle said...

well thank you sara! I certainly plan on making that a priority.

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