Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Calling all glass jars

Hello my faithful readers! If you live in the OKC area, I'd love to get any of your old glass jars or bottles. I'm looking for everything! I'm working on a project...soon to be revealed, of course, and I'm looking for:
small jam jars
spaghetti jars
maple syrup glass bottles
Frapaccino bottles
Sobe bottles
glass coke bottles

You get the drift. Any of these items, or anything similar, will work! I would be happy to come get them from you. The glass project is completely different from today's find, which is also quite awesome, as you can see.

Not only is this a green project, but anyone can do it! What do you have around the house that you can make into a wonderful work of art? It might not look exactly like this, but that's the beauty of it--it doesn't have to!
I saw this lovely collection on Design Sponge's Blog. You can also check out Bottle Green Homes for more ideas!

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