Saturday, July 10, 2010

My new J-O-B

I got a perfect job! God has known all along, from the smallest detail to my biggest fear, exactly what I needed. I believe that he's given it to me, as in, handed over exactly what I would have DREAMED of having. It's hard to even remember being discouraged at any point in time this past year because the joy that I was waiting for, that I knew was ahead of me, that I prayed for for so so so long, finally came! God is so good to me! I don't feel like he was dragging me along with his plan, or making me wait to teach me a lesson about appreciating anything. No. I feel very strongly that he was simply having me wait so he could have more time to teach me, love on me, and just plain bless me. I have had so many incredible things happen in my life in the times that I wasn't working consistently, and I will always appreciate that season in my life. I do not regret a day. I don't think back on one single moment and think, "What was I doing?" God gave me a peace a long long time ago and came back in his timing to show me why. He deserves all the honor and praise in my life. All of it. Friends, I'm not worth a thing without him.

Can I share a personal story real quick?

In mid-March, I woke up in the middle of the night. God sent me a dream. Now, I know you may be thinking, this sounds fishy or are you seriously gonna pull that card? But, I know that it was God without a doubt. Anyway, in my dream I was looking at a computer screen and talking on the phone and Jesus was talking to me but I couldn't see him. He said something like, "Michelle, quit worrying. A job is going to come along that you are not expecting or looking for, and you just need to say yes."

And that's all. Talk about confusing. I prayed about it, and I just really felt that although I didn't completely understand it or what it meant, I was going to trust. So...three months went by. I was beginning to wonder about this dream. I was starting to doubt it's authenticity. I'm not sure why. I had no reason other than the simple fact that time was passing. I was doubting--just like Abraham doubted God when he told Abraham he was going to have a son when Sarah was 99 years old! I didn't have the right to doubt! God reaffirmed his promise to me and he's been faithful to complete it. I was looking for a job as an English teacher and God sure did give me something a whole lot sweeter. Good thing I'm not in charge of my life! I am one. lucky. girl.

Be blessed this week. Remember how much God really loves you, and please, let him bless you!

"He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God. That's why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good." Romans 8:28 (msg)


Kasa said...


Thank you so much for posting this! I feel like I'm going through a season of waiting right now and have been feeling pretty down about it. This was very encouraging to hear!! P.S. congrats on the new job!

Graves said...

Michelle, I too was encouraged. I had been waiting and waiting, knowing God had given me the peace to know that He had the right job for me. So happy to hear His blessings panning out for you! Oh, and the dream...not weird. :) I had a dream that God told me that I was pregnant with a girl before I even knew I was pregnant. I found out three weeks later. God. Is. Good. Blessings :)

sybil said...

Hey I might have missed this but what is the new job? and as always such a wonderful post. so neat to hear how God is moving in your world.

Mrs. Kelly Ross said...

what an encouraging post :) but you left me hanging... what will you be doing?! :)

Wayne said...

Christ knows every detail of our lives for sure. Christ does not exist in order to make much of us. We exist in order to enjoy making much of him. It is such joy to see Christ at work if we can just trust him.

Praise the Lord and Amen. I am proud of you Michelle.

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