Monday, July 26, 2010

Clear as a bubble

So it's not every day that someone broadcasts your sins on the 5 o'clock news, but what if they did? Would you be more honest? Of course you would! Well, unless you intentionally wanted to look like a really bad liar. Hey, it's true. We can all pick them out!

So, what if that was your life? What if every wrong and right thing you've ever done appeared on TV for everyone to see? How proud of your life would you be then?

Shouldn't we live like that every day, all the time? Woah. Hits you right between the eyes doesn't it? It happened to me too, but it's always a great reminder to know that, no matter what, living transparent can be hard, but that's why we have Jesus. We can cling to him and he's not leaving us. Not ever. He's going to walk with us through our hard times without so much as letting go of our hand for a millisecond.

So, if you had to be that transparent, would you? Because, believe it or not, God already saw it all. And he still loves you.

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