Thursday, June 17, 2010

I've learned so much about myself today!

I hate oily skin

I love reading Christian preachy books (who knew I'd obsess like this!?)

I hate mangos

Dairy makes me sick on hot days (this is a new one--I used to argue that this was all imagined in someone's head, but now I know it's true. Go figure.)

I love white cherry Powerade best

Chocolate is so overrated. There's lots of other good stuff out lemon!

Gold jewelry is my favorite. Weird. I used to love silver.

My spiritual gift is FAITH! I had no idea. I find that refreshing.

I love learning about myself. It's like I'm just now getting introduced or something! I am a "counselor/idealist" personality type. Really?! Uh...awesome?!

I love talking to teen girls as much or more as my very own family. They are precious.

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