Thursday, June 24, 2010

SunPopped Top 10

Guest Blogger-Jonathan Meisner

If you know me, it won’t take you long to know that I am a lover of pop music. No really. If there was one thing I could be and not fail at, it would be a pop music star. I absolutely love it. Anything from Justin Timberlake, to Kanye, to Carrie Underwood, to Michael Buble, to…yes…even Justin Beiber. I just can’t resist a beat that makes your body want to jive a bit. That’s right people, I’m an open Pop Music Junkie.

Another love of mine is the summer time and how it always makes me want to be outside doing something. I’ll admit, I would be a bit more motivated to do so if the Oklahoma humidity was not a factor. But none the less, I dig the sunshine and little outdoor activity. That being said, I spontaneously decided to put together a throw-back top 10 of my favorite and most memorable pop summer songs. The ones that (if you are about 25 or so) take you right back to high school. I’m calling it Meisner’s SunPopped Top 10. (It’s late and that’s all I’ve got) Without further adu…

See the top 10 list

It's never boring in the Meisner house. We love to party it on, and this summer, we just wanted to take it back and invite you to join us. So tell us what you think! This post rocks my world. We're probably still dancing actually... -Michelle

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Kasa said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post! It definitely brought me back! Thanks for Sharing!!

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