Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's your excuse?

Every day of my life, I have a bagillion choices to make. What should I wear? How should I fix my hair? How much creamer should I put in my coffee? Should I sleep or do my devotions? Wait wait...what was that last one? Why is it that we put God at the bottom of our list so much of the time. Shouldn't he get the best of us? Isn't he the most important? Shouldn't we make time for other things AFTER we've had time with the father?

What's your excuse today?
You don't have enough time?
You're too tired?
You're not sure what to say?
You think it's boring?
You feel silly trying?
He's not going to answer you, so why bother?
Prayer doesn't really change anything anyway?

There's really not an excuse that God accepts. Not because he's mean, it's just that God wants a relationship with us so badly! He wants a chance to show us his love! It doesn't have to be perfect, it won't always be a life-changing part of your day, it won't always rock your world, and you probably won't end your prayer times in tears of joy every day. Quiet times with God are similar in my mind to human emotions. Some days of prayer are better than others, and every day is essential and needed. God doesn't always talk to me with a booming voice and reveal things, but sometimes he does. God doesn't always show me a scripture that pertains to my life right at that moment, but sometimes he does. God doesn't always show his power and strength to me, but sometimes he does. If I felt his presence every time I called on his name and every time that I prayed, how would he teach me faith? God is there whether we feel him or not. Whether we sense him or not. It's not a feeling, it's a relationship. Today is the day that you can stop with the excuses...and get to know God.

Any pain that you may be feeling right now in your life can't compare to the joy that's coming...

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