Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight vs. Lion-Lamb Community

It seems, dear readers, that I have a serious predicament on my hands. I'm going to compare a christian Lion-Lamb community to the Twilight Saga. Strap on your seat belts.

A Lion-Lamb community is a place where people of all different races, nations, and beliefs are able to be friends and live with each other in peace--in a community where lions and lambs lay down together.

Doesn't that seem strikingly similar to Twilight? Strange as it may seem, Jacob Black, a warewolf (who is in love with Bella but doesn't get along with the Cullens, a family of vampires) has to learn to live in peace with Edward Cullen if he ever wants to see Bella. Likewise, Edward Cullen, a harmless vampire and Bella's true love, has to learn to live with Jacob because Bella has deep feelings for Jacob as a friend. The fact that Edward and Jacob hate each other is irrelevant. They learn to get along because they both have one thing in common--they love Bella.

Isn't that a little like our christian community? Shouldn't the church be more like that? We are all so different, and we don't always get along as well as we should at times, but really, when we stop and look at it, we're just like Edward and Jacob. Some of us have nothing in common but one single thing. We don't have any reason to be friends if not for Christ. He's our only common denominator--and he's enough.

This is a picture from the opening of Eclipse last night.

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Laura said...

Pastor Busic will be so proud! :)

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