Monday, June 14, 2010

There's a lot that's new this week:

a) my left elbow is feeling much better! I hyperextended it about 8 days ago riding Jonathan's longboard and it was a terrible mess, but is much more flexible now. I haven't been able to put my hair up into a ponytail all week (so thank you Jonathan and Mendy for helping me on several occasions) but I'm almost to the point of completely straightening it again so maybe only another week until I can put weight on it!

b) I'm feeling very expressive lately. I just have the need to write all kinds of things and am not sure why. I want to write about the grass and the rain and the leaves and the oatmeal I ate for breakfast. I want to write about all the new friends I've made this month and people that make me happy. I want to tell you about all the wonderful things God is doing in my life. I just want to writeeeee but it might be seven paragraphs, so I will probably cut it short because I know that no one reads that much--or maybe that's just me.

c) I bought Justin Bieber floor seats to the concert in November! I know that he is so much younger than me, but I'll admit that I think he's talented and will pay a pretty penny to go see him live.

d) I am thinking about doing this 30 day gluten-free thing with my friend Amy. She was telling me all about food and I was certainly more motivated when she was finished! We may do it together when I start yoga with her in a few weeks.

e) I'm ridiculously happy. God has been nothing but good to me.

I have recently been learning that there are seasons in our lives: seasons of doubt, seasons of joy, seasons of pain, seasons of laughter, seasons of love, seasons of growth, seasons of quietness, and so many more. I'm glad to be living in the season that I'm in right now and I'm not going to be too anxious for it to end because I refuse to be too concerned about worrying that I miss the blessings around me! I know that in this season and this time, God is working out something beautiful in me that I can't even see. I trust him completely. He has never failed me. Not once.

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jami jensen said...

oh michelle. i love you. i have been the same way about writing!!! I feel like i could just write about any and everything!!!

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