Thursday, October 1, 2009

I can't wait to break out Mini's reversible coat. It's not a dog torture item, I promise. It was homemade just for her and she actually loves it!

I went to Guymon last weekend to visit and I carved my first (that I can remember) pumpkin!

When you think of home, do you think of a specific thing? I think of my dad with his feet up reading something, and my mom smiling, always happy and sweet.
I love this picture because Mini's tail is wagging so fast that you can barely see it. She's just so excited to have her picture taken!
Here's Lola. She's huge.
Mini kept putting her ball in between Lola's arms. She would inch towards Lola really slow, drop it with a sheepish look, and then back away really fast. She was cracking me up because she knows that Lola would never hurt a fly. She can't move past 1mph.


Jami said...

Michelle! These pictures are precious!

Mendolin said...

Michelle, I love you!!!!

You're so so great! :)


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