Thursday, October 1, 2009

Listen. I had the most ridiculous moment today, but I am NOT ashamed of it. In fact, I think it happens to more of us than admit it. If not, then maybe I need counseling.

I had a strange encounter with a Michael Kors handbag. Oh my word. It was GORGEOUS!! I have never loved a purse so much. It was a really soft burgandy leather and it was seriously calling my name. I like purses a lot. Jonathan would definitely tell you that. But, I do have control. I think I only have 5 and I love all of them. But, none that I have ever bought compare to this beauty. Am I wierd? Maybe. But it is seriously strange how something so materialistic is so enticing. It's like I lose all sense of reality and I'm questioning whether or not I can afford a $400 purse on sale for $160. Well, probably, but I don't think I should. You know? I know that I don't really need a purse to live, but my heart was telling my brain to shut up and just buy it. I'm SO proud of myself for leaving it. But seriously, I almost didn't. I won't lie, it's stuck in my memory bank forever, and yes, I know that I'm ridiculous.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

is it bad i wish you would've gotten it so i could see it?! hahaha :)

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