Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

I definitely did not make chocolate chip cookies for some friends and then, when they asked for the recipe, fail to mention that they were pre-made Pilsbury. Not me!

And I did not get stuck going to one awkward lunch with a guy from work that happened to be my worst nightmare because I'm too shy to just speak up. Not me! Especially because it was not my last week there an no one would ever care past that day! Not me!

And it was certainly was not me who witnessed a husband washing the front half of his truck with the squeegee from 7-11 because he was too cheap to go to a car wash. Not me!

You know anyone who has quit their job because they just had to, and then took 3 days of vacation before branching out to a completely different career field? Sounds scary huh? Good thing it wasn't me!

And it was definitely not me who ruined Spaghetti for 12 people and completely made too much, too mushy. Not me!! My spaghetti is always perfect.

I'm so incredibly glad that it was not me who agreed to go to a Twilight New Moon party the night before the big premier. Not me! I have better things to do than attend terrible teeny-bopper events!

I'm so glad it wasn't me who asked quite seriously for a pot-belly pig this week because of a cute picture. Not me! How silly!

I first read this awesome little tradition and had to join in along with Laurie and Kelly and the originator....fantastic MckMama.

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LB said...

Love this post and love your layout! Thanks for playing Not Me! Monday. You will have to play more often :)

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