Monday, October 19, 2009

Dearest Things


Good Fashion.

A good book and some spiced tea.
Flowers in a jar.
Chocolate Chip cookies and milk.
Oh my love.
Quaint little bookstores.
I found this one in Juneau, Alaska.
Great calligraphy.

Cute Headbands.
They soothe the soul.


Brilliant idea.
They're perfect. Their innocence is contagious and they love you just for being there.
They are a necessity in our house. Why not make them cute enough to obsess about? These are too winsome to ignore. These are from Heath.
There is nothing like the sweetness of fresh food and flowers. image
Washi tape.
It peels off of almost anything and is acid free (and cute!). You can purchase at the Tinted Mint.

Cupcake wrappers.
Someday I will dare to make them look as darling.
These fancy cupcake wrappers are delicious as well!

Jewelry storage.
If you have odds and ends, try this shadowbox for a cute way to store your stuff.

Vintage Things.
This alarm clock even has an ipod dock! It's only $58. How could you say no?
Awesome Art.
I'm not gonna lie, this is pretty awesome. We might try to reproduce this in the Meisner house. image

1 comment:

sara said...

LOVED THIS BLOG!! I love know things that people love. I think it just tells so much about them, even if they are just small things!! I love it! Thanks for sharing! And for having such a classic blog! (by classic, i mean like clean and neat and perfect :) i dont know how to describe what i mean so ill stop trying... haha!

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