Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This morning, I was walking into Putnam City West High School. I heard my shoes echo down the hall with each step I took as I sauntered confidently, trying my best to blend in and look like I knew what I was doing as I searched for K203.
Wrong side of the school.
I backtracked down the web of hallways and into the main lobby. I noticed a boy in a red sweatshirt with a big smile. His head down, his face smiling. I walked on, found K203 book closet, and exited.
I found K203 classroom.
I knocked on K202 and the teacher that walked up, ready to help me was...dun-da-da-dun...Mrs. Kylie Lyons. I said, "Kylie? Is that you?"
"Yes, do I know yo...?! Michelle? How are you?"
"Good?" I replied. "What are you doing here? What do you teach?"
"Eleventh and Twelfth grade English. I had to get out of there." she said.
(The shock of the moment stole my words.)
(End pathetic conversation.)

Kylie was the Associate Copy Editor that hired me at Tate Publishing a year ago, and I left because, as it seems everyone else at that place has not figure out yet, it's an overwhelming workload and an underpaid job. Kylie figured it out. It's so nice to know that I have a friend in the teaching world with my same thought process. Sweetness.

I love that I am able to hang out with kids all day and learn that Ugg boots are really called "Thugs" and that board races are the absolute best way to tame a classroom (thank you Jonathan and Tomy). I'm pumped that I had the ability to teach Spanish (barely) even though I haven't spoken it in two years.

A few shout-outs for Wednesday
Hello fantastic massage
Hello candied yams and dog baths
Hello cinnamon vanilla candle, a book, and the Oprah Show

Candle available at Target
Hello blueberry muffin shredded wheat cereal and bootie slippers

Hello Bath and Body works holiday lotions and pretty fall fingernail polish

Nail Polish available at Sephora
You have made my Wednesday the most bearable yet.

Don't know how to hang your scarves or tights?
Check it out. (photo by Jessica Schroeder)

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sara said...

wow... didn't know you were teaching now and didnt know you even spoke or knew spanish!! so fun!! i want to hear all about it!

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