Sunday, October 25, 2009

Unspeakable Joy

Sundays are not a necessity, they're impossibly irreplaceable. I'm not sure I'd survive without them. I'm not saying that I have to go to church to be filled up, but it sure is encouraging to meet with thousands of other believers and know that I'm not alone in anything, that I get to worship the one and only forever God--that I don't have to be afraid of the government, criticism, or even for my own life just to praise God. Aren't we so blessed?

Today was BFC's 100 years anniversary celebration and boy was it! We had a combined service that was literally packed. Every seat full. Every heart full. And my favorite part of it all? Singing. Have you ever heard 2,700 people sing in unison? I surprised myself when I felt tears overflowing down my face as my eyes watered up and I could hardly see (or sing) as I imaged heaven and how that was such a small glimpse of what we get to do forever. I am so anxious to be there that I really would be okay if I just left Earth today, but I know that's not God's plan for me, because I'm obviously still here. So I'll wait, I'll worship, and I'll be joyful--with all my beating healthy heart. Because yes, I am so blessed.

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Kelly said...

Michelle- I feel you! Yesterday at church I felt some of what you felt. It was the first time I REALLY felt "at home" here and was just like WOW all you have to do is be in another room of believers and realize we all are the body of christ!!!! Amen!!!!!!!! :)

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